Our resident pastor, PS. Samuel Gyau Obuobi delivered the sermon for the day after the Royal Vessels had treated the congregation to melodious tunes in preparation for the word to be delivered. The main texts were taken from Numbers 10: 29 – 32, 32: 5 – 7.

Our walk of faith is stemmed in the promises of our Lord God and His word which we need to take to heart. It is therefore important that we understand the Lord when He ministers to us. Thus it is in understanding that we appropriate the blessings that come with God’s promises.

  1. The Lord has promised to do us good (Numbers 10: 29). When we talk about the goodness of God, it includes growth & development, good health & prosperity. Moses was not in a good place but he looked beyond that and by faith held onto the promises of God. As such he was emboldened to try and convince Hobab to join them on the journey ahead because he knew greater and better things were to come. In Psalm 103: 1 – 5, David outlines the benefits of the goodness of God and these include the healing of all our diseases, the redemption of our lives from traps and sins, the crowning of our heads with steadfast love and mercy etc. Our conditions should not put us down but cause us to press on because God will do us good.
  2. “We Are On The Move.” Moses knew it was time to set off the moment the cloud had lifted (Numbers 10: 11). Similarly it is time to set off as the cloud has lifted in our lives and we are to embrace all that the Lord has for us to move to the next level. But where are we going amidst this giddy joy of movement? Is it on our terms as we see fit? No, we move because our Lord God says so and He has set a destination for us exemplifying the excellent planner He is. God’s will in our lives should not find us at one place. It behooves us to continue putting our hope and trust in Him for He will lead us. Let all who are standing, walk; all who are walking, run; all who are running, fly and even as we rise up we will finally be where He wants us to be.
  3. “Come Along…” Our continued journey in Christ places us in a situation where each and every one of us has a special part to play in the kingdom. This is one reason why we are encouraged to come along. Just as Moses identified that it was imperative Hobab joined them because of the part he had to play, so also has the Lord identified that we are all relevant in one way or the other to the kingdom. Our resourcefulness cannot be downplayed in the house of God, no matter how much we might belittle ourselves. Whatever we have been given to do, it is for the greater purpose of accomplishing God’s will. Another reason is that as we go along we become beneficiaries of the blessings of God.
  4. Do not sit while your brothers go to war. (Numbers 32: 5 -7) We should not sit idly by when matters arise with the thought that it is none of our business. The kingdom matters are not meant for the few. It is important that we help whenever we can. When we neglect our fight and refuse to move, we will encounter things that we are not predisposed to experience. We cannot afford to sit unconcerned. Prayer meetings, evangelism, etc. are all activities we need to devote ourselves to when the time comes; we are stronger when we are together.
  5. Become an encouragement and not a discouragement. (Numbers 32: 7 – 11) Moses scolded the Gadites & Reubenites when they discouraged the rest of the Israelites from crossing over to the land they were promised. Our words have the tendency to engender disbelief and distrust; these same words can also bless and admonish. Therefore as much as possible, we must be careful of what we say as we will give account of every word we utter (Matthew 12: 36). Our attitude speaks out as loud as our words also. Do not look to despise anyone in this life; you never know when someone’s blessings are on the way. Be a positive influence and a source of encouragement to all and sundry.

Pastor Obuobi then proceeded led the church in a time of intensive prayers following the delivery of the word of the Lord.

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