Functions of the Pentecost Health Services Unit

The Health Services Unit shall perform the following functions among others:

  • Coordinate the COP/MOH Partnership, operate and manage the CHPS Compounds under the auspices of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG);
  • Ensure proper procurement of medical supplies and drugs through the pool procurement approach;
  • Ensure Regulatory, Legal and Licensing compliance of all COP health care institutions and personnel;
  • Act as the liaison between the Church and MOH, CHAG and Ghana Health Service (GHS);
  • Coordinate activities of the health care institutions of the Church by providing policy guidelines in consonance with the Church’s and Ghana Health Service objectives
  • Supervise and monitor the operations of the COP health care institutions to conform to agreed and modern standards of health care provision;
  • Provide technical support to COP health care institutions. This support shall be Logistic, Budgetary, and Capacity Development in nature;
  • Facilitate the Stakeholder engagements in the setting up and operation of the CHPS Project;
  • Contribute to the Health Sector by conducting Operational Researches and offering interventions to help solve the problems identified with other bodies.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient distribution and management of Human Resource in accordance with the Government’s Staffing Norms. This includes timely mechanization of posted and promoted staff unto the Government Pay Roll.