PENTSOS is managed by a Team of professionals headed by the Director. PENTSOS has four operational arms from which it implements its programme interventions. The four arms are Relief and Development Unit, Pentecost Health Services Unit, Pentecost Education Unit, and Pentecost Cooperative Financial Institution referred to as PENCO.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Management of PENTSOS include:

  • Relate the long-term vision to current activities on the ground;
  • Translate the mission and strategy into achievable objectives and projects;
  • Ensure that the implementation of annual work plan is efficiently and effectively managed to achieve the desired results in terms of outputs and outcomes;
  • Ensure people can do what is expected of them by providing the needed resources and creating an enabling environment;
  • Seek improvements through training, briefing, and teamwork to enable staff and volunteers to grow and develop as needs and opportunities change;
  • Establish procedures and ensure that staff know how to use them;
  • Coordinate individual and group efforts for synergy;
  • Assess the performance of staff and volunteers and use performance results to improve organizational performance;
  • Look at the present and take advantage of current opportunities and react appropriately to the challenges;
  • Make sure that all resources and energies are properly harnessed;
  • Create more effective systems and focus on effectiveness – doing the right things;
  • Support - setting and maintaining organizational and team values and standards;
  • Inspire people to use their creativity.