PENTSOS Director’s New Year Message

We begin the Year 2022 with great confidence in the Almighty God for the opportunity to serve humanity. 

PENTSOS identifies itself with the 2022 Annual theme of the Church, Equipping the Church as an army to possess the nations.” We believe in equipping our beneficiaries to own the change we desire in providing long-lasting impact and transformation.

This year’s focus is dedicated to human capacity development through various interventions such as Sustainable livelihoods projects, enhancing the capacities of teachers and students in ensuring quality education, improving the capabilities of health workers and infrastructure for efficient delivery of quality healthcare.

PENTSOS will commit to equipping our target beneficiaries with the right skills, resources, character building, and attitude to bring about the desire to change to impact society. 

In the Year 2022, we will undertake the following transformative and sustainable interventions to bring tangible hope to people living in deprived areas and members of the Church:

  1. Employable Youth Projects: Irrigation Farming, Agri-business, vocational trades, livestock production, and Agro-Processing.
  2. Health Infrastructure Improvement Projects
  3. School Infrastructure Improvement Projects
  4. School Digitisation Programme
  5. Provision of sustainable water supply in deprived communities

We look forward to forging strategic partnerships in deepening our impact in Ghana and beyond. With a focus on strengthening the institutional framework to improve the existing organizational and operational structure of PENTSOS for the delivery and management of social services.

We wish our Staff, Stakeholders, and Partners a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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