The Church of Pentecost through its social development arm, PENTSOS is providing tangible hope in deprived communities through its Integrated Community-Based Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IC-WASH) Project.

The purpose of this project is to provide access to safe drinking water in deprived communities to improve the health of the people. Over 12,500 people (including our members) in 25 deprived communities will benefit from the 25 boreholes and 3 limited mechanized water systems expected to be constructed by December, 2019.

Feasibility studies have been conducted by the PENTSOS Directorate in all of the beneficiary communities in order to establish among others, the baseline situation in these areas. the studies revealed that the main source of drinking water in more than 80% of the communities was surface water (river, stream, dam and ponds).

At Yorkoteng and Gurungu-Metii in the Gurumo District and Tigboro in the Domwine District of the Church of Pentecost, it was reported that in the dry season, members of the Local Assembly have to travel long distances in search of drinking water which, ultimately affects church attendance. Kukuo is one of the many deprived communities about to benefit from the provision of sustainable safe drinking water systems under PENTSOS IC-WASH Project as inspired by The COP’s Vision 2023 Agenda.