Functions of the Pentecost Education Unit (PEU)

The Pentecost Education Unit (PEU) of PENTSOS shall perform the following functions:

  • Coordinate the COP/MOE/GES Partnership to ensure quality teaching and learning in Pentecost Schools;
  • Collaborate with the Ghana Education Service Private School Unit to oversee private education delivery at the pre-tertiary level in Pentecost Schools.
  • Prepare and update annually, a national register of Pentecost Schools and their respective enrolment figures;
  • Supervise and support all Pentecost schools across the country to improve on their delivery of education services;
  • Develop strategies to enhance enrolment, participation, retention, transition and learning outcomes of pupils in basic and secondary schools.
  • Collaborate with partners to research and disseminate findings and recommendations to appropriate agencies on education
  • Collaborate with Development Partners and NGOs to promote quality education in COP sponsored pre-tertiary institutions;
  • Oversee the development and empowerment of girls through the introduction of appropriate interventions in COP schools;
  • Develop strategies to monitor and protect girls in COP schools;
  • Undertake periodic inspection of all Pentecost Schools in collaboration with district and regional GES Officers;
  • Facilitate the review and standardization of curriculum across Pentecost Schools.