Pentecost Healthcare facilities across the country have commenced digitization of its services to make healthcare delivery paperless. The Tarkwa, and Ayanfuri facilities among others have comprehensively digitized their services.

This move forms part of series of initiatives being implemented by the PENSOS Directorate in partnership with Management of these facilities towards increasing efficiency in all areas of their operations. The digitization programme seeks to improve the quality of healthcare delivery as well as provide quick and reliable medical records. Staff have been well trained to use the user-friendly system. The system will capture all the vital health information of patients, including those referred from other facilities. The system is not only cost-effective and convenient to both the facilities, health worker and patients, but also will help in delivering essential services at real-time.

Patients will not need to carry folders and other documents around but just a small card which has the code to their folders in the system and this will facilitate tracking and also pave the way for further examination and diagnosis. This initiative has also made it possible for doctors and other medical staff to effectively track stock levels of medical supplies in hospital’s pharmacy/dispensary at all times.

The computerized network system has not only curbed cases of missing folders but has also cut down on patients’ waiting time tremendously in our healthcare facilities across Ghana.